Friday, September 16, 2011

iPad And Windows 8 Tablet Compared In 10 Min Video

This will double as Friday's movie as we see the iPad 2 go head-to-head with the yet to be released Windows 8.  We won't see this new toy from Microsoft for another year.

Still, it looks good enough at this time.  I think all current Android and Apple fans should take a look and see if this is Microsoft's comeback in the tablet and mobile market.

Could this be good enough that Apple and Google need to worry about them or this is a year off that iOS 6 and Android 5 should be able to handle the competition.  And keep in mind the tablet market right now is the iPad while Honeycomb tablets haven't exactly lit the mobile world on fire...yet.

What's interesting is that Windows 8 will come in two flavors - one support ARM chip and another support the legacy x86 chips from AMD and Intel.  Microsoft has confirmed that legacy applications for Windows will not run on the ARM-version of Windows 8.  Not sure if ARM-based apps can run on the x86 version of Windows either.

What we do know is that Windows Phone apps can run on Windows 8. Both ARM and x86 versions?  Not sure yet.  There have been conflicting information coming out of Microsoft at this time.  They've got a long time to short all that out.

Source:  winrumors.

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