Tuesday, September 20, 2011

iPad with 3G Just Beginning To Sell In China

Apple has been selling the WiFi-only iPad in China for a few months now and it looks like the 3G version is joining the rest of the Apple gears.  All along, I had expected both versions were already being sold.

I don't know how popular the 3G will be or if people in China feel the need to be connected to the Internet at all times.  Still, this is a good thing for Apple.  And I do expect the affluent in China to go with the 3G - after all, if you can afford an iPad in China, you can afford to be paying for the 3G mobile plan.

Before Apple started selling the iPad in China, the black market there was thriving with US versions.  Models were going for twice the US retail prices.

China is a very important market for Apple and in the future, I think it's very likely that the window between US and Chinese launches will narrow.

Source:  The Mac Observer.

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