Friday, September 16, 2011

iPhone: Rumors, Conjectures, Wishful Thinking, and Clandestine Sources

It's been a slow news week for Apple. Certainly, Steve Jobs' resignation as CEO of Apple still has people buzzing some what but that was fine for a while. Now, I think the blogs that report on the Apple world wants to move on. And it really shows. Take this post from the NY Times. It basically summarizes all the rumors and minute details about the next iPhone that we have already read about on the blogs. It claims that the iPhone is only weeks ago. Heck, that's what I've been saying as well. And I didn't need the NY Times to tell me that. It just seems that mainstream media has been quite behind on this. It's likely that the Times, WSJ, Bloomberg, and others are just being used to spread information, mostly disinformation. And their willingness to participate is just shows that they're no different from blogs. In fact, I think most blogs have better sources and information than anything one else. That the NY Times would just take information from all the blogs out there and summarize them and claim that they came from sources is just, well, you fill in the blank. You've noticed that I haven't included a link to them. The reason is obviously. I won't perpetuate what they are doing. But it doesn't mean that just because the NY Times have not been able to develop their own information that the Apple related blogs are not moving forward. It's nothing that is going to tell us what the specs of the next iPhone will have or when we'll finally get them on the market. But the cycle of news coming out shows that something we are closer than ever. For instance, we've seen screen protectors, cases, and chatters from carriers and even Apple itself about iOS 5. While they don't tell us anything else about the next iPhone, we can expect Apple to dazzle us. After all, the mobile war is heating. From what I'm seeing, Android devices coming out in the next month or two will be sporting some pretty impressive specs. Apple would be wise to have been prepared for that. For months now, top Android devices have been powered by dual core mobile processors while the iPhone is still using the A4 chip, the original chip that came with the iPad last year. If Apple does upgrade the chip in the next iPhone, that leaves the screen, camera, battery life, and the design. Personally, I like to see an 8 to 10MP camera capable of 1080p recording, larger screen even if we just leave the resolution as it is, and, most important of all, battery life like the iPad 2. As for the design, I'm happy with the iPhone 4 design but if Apple does somehow make the next iPhone lighter and thinner, I could go for that as well. Now, see how I've written this post. It's not rumors. It's not information left by mysterious sources at the foot of my front door. Rather, they are conjectures and wishful thinking on my part.

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