Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tech Fatigue Or Good Enough

At times, I feel like it's time to appreciate just what we have already. I am not talking about life in general. While that applies, specifically, I mean tech. Coming from someone who is focused on tech, it sounds strange.

Not at all. I like that the arms race among mobile companies, hardware, software, and services, to continue at its current pace unabated, I merely meant that as individual users, we are allowed to slow down and focus on the more pressing mobile needs at hand without thinking the next Android or iPhone will so it better.

Sometimes, an app is an app no matter if it's running off a Blackberry that has a physical keyboard or via touch only. Sometimes, an older app works better without needing to be tinkered with.

And speaking of newer hardware, most of us would probably upgrade on an annual basis if not for for the financial consideration of being locked into multi-year contracts. Chances are, most mobile fans are not utilize the mobile devices to their fullest potentials. Consider just how the different apps have come out in the last year and whether you've fully embraced using them. For instance, have you integrated some of your social life with the apps - checking in, looking for deals, create a photostream of your time out with friends or vacation? And if so, what new features in new hardware help with that? Could it be done with mere software updates to the mobile OS?

And if not, why upgrade at all?

Or even if none of the above applies, why the impulse go upgrade? Better and bigger screens? Longer battery life is always a big deal to me, how about you? Or do you simply crave a faster device for gaming?

I think those of us who think, live, breath, and write about mobile can get carried away by the constant news and updates from the mobile world. It's what makes this biz and hobby so fun, intriguing, and exciting. Sometimes, it is okay to get off this train a bit and simple appreciate what we already have and make the most of it.

I know folks still on the original iPhone and the G1. I've seem old old Blackberries as well still in use. They know that mobile tech has vastly improved but their gears serve their current needs.

While there could be some fatigue involved for some mobile users, and that's just fine. Hang on to your current devices and ignore the requests to update the apps so you can give yourself a breather or if you simply like the way things are now.

And when you're ready to upgrade, there will always be a new phone or app just waiting for you.

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