Sunday, September 18, 2011

Voice Commands Could Put Us Closer To Star Trek Like Computer Commands

I always like how characters in science fiction novels and books are able to interact with their computers in ways that seem beyond the reach of anything we have here.  Computers that can interact with us as holograms or through auditory inputs and outputs.

Google's Voice Actions are pretty good and second to none in the mobile market.  Apple's Siri is impressive but nothing close.

However, third party solutions are paving the way for innovation in this field.  Couple with voice commands and better AI, we have Star Trek like interactions with our computers and mobile sooner rather than later.

So meet the Voice Chat Robot app that is leaps and bounds beyond what's on the market.

More at Greenjava.

I'm hoping that Apple will update Siri beyond what we already see.  Siri is pretty cool to use but it doesn't make us want to use it very much.  I've also used Dragon Dictation on the iPad and I hope that'll improve with iOS 5 as well.

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