Apple Expected to Sell 4 Million iPhone 4S - Possibly has RIM To Thank

The HQ at RIM could be getting a Costco gift basket from Cupertino next week of the figure of 4 million iPhone 4S being sold just this weekend alone is true.

This is the number that is widely being reported.  At the top of this CNBC video, it was mentioned about the Blackberry outage as being a contributor.  I think it is but probably won't have the short term impact as some folks think.  I think over the long run as contracts run out and people consider a new device, the iPhone might be a choice for many current Blackberry users.  

I'm hours away from getting mine via UPS.  I always work so I never have to time to go to the Apple store to pick one up.  Although I do need to go there just to activate my 4S unless I figure out another way to do it.  

Source:  Yahoo CNBC.


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