Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bloomberg TV+ Allows 24 Hour Streaming - Nice!

This is why it's so exciting to be alive now.  Those of you younglings who were not around or aware of the computer revolution in the early 1980s are now a part of another revolution - mobile computing coming of age. Not quite but here is another sign that we're trying to get to mobile nirvana as Steve Jobs envisioned it.  

Bloomberg TV+ is a new app for the iPad that allows users access to Bloomberg TV for free with 24 hour streaming.  I can tell you this already.  My service provider ain't gonna be too happy.  

I'm being lazy so I lifted some pertinent info from the iTunes page for the app:

- Live TV: Bloomberg Television Live 24-hours a day
- Featured videos: The biggest business stories right now prioritized by importance
- Last 24 Hours: All the important business stories from the last 24 hours
- Exclusive interviews with the most influential people in business, finance and investment
- Original content produced for mobile
- Bloomberg's critically acclaimed shows on demand

- Download videos for offline viewing
- Get extra content on people, companies and topics while watching
- Search our extensive library of video content
- Set and receive reminders for upcoming programs on Live TV
- Share videos via Twitter, Facebook and Email
- Customize your interactive scrolling ticker and get the latest news and market information
- Enjoy all of this in portrait or landscape; fully optimized for both

Who needs CNBC when you've got Bloomberg that provides more detailed and analytic news that isn't filled with analysts who rather be rock stars than financial stars?

There is no doubt that BTV for the iPad will be a huge success.  A vast majority of financial firms and Fortune 500 companies already deploy the iPads as a part of their IT arsenal.  They'll want this on the go.  CNBC charges for their live video and I'm not aware their iOS apps allow streaming.

Furthermore, other studios and cable channels should watch this closely.  The mobile market is a revenue stream that they cannot forgo.  I think Bloomberg already saw the cord-cutting as inevitable and going mobile now and ahead of everyone else is the way to go.

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