Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fun Weekend Musing: Evaluating Mobile Needs For An Apocalypse

I have come up with one way to help mobile users decide if their current mobile needs are enough. We now live in a culture where mobile computing and experiences are very much a part of our lives.

It does not matter if you're rich or poor, use it for personal or work. Mobile needs are the same for just about everyone: student, a wide range or profession, fathers and mothers, just about anyone.

Everyone. So how do you know if what you have now is enough? Maybe you've got a low-end Android. Maybe you just upgraded to the iPhone 4S. Or perhaps, you are waiting for the Nexus Prime but the Galaxy S II is already for sale.

Then consider this: if the world ends tomorrow, is your device going to be enough to serve your mobile needs? And how will you make that evaluation?

Now we need to have a few allowances in such a scenario. We will assume power will be on as will wireless access. But everything else is literally falling apart. Perhaps, roaming gangs are in the streets. Maybe the undead have taken over. Or it could be Black Death II in the making.

Does your platform have the necessary apps to help you maneuver through the dangers of lawlessness? Is there an app to help you escape from a mob of zombies? Maybe those dozens of zombie games are a good place to start.

And then there is the thing about having a good camera. Suppose you're tapped by your neighbors to do some recon. You take your mobile with you. The GSII and the new 4S both have 8MP cameras. Which camera is better and has the best editing apps. And what about taking videos? And if you're not ready to upgrade, is the 3- or 5MP camera your mobile device have good enough for such a task?

One would assume that we all want the latest and the greatest. True in most situations but we also have developed emotional attachments to our mobile gears and sown times are not willing to give it up so readily because there is something shinier at the Apple stores, Best Buys, or on sale at Amazon.

So ask yourself this: is your mobile ready to help you get through the end times - help you, your family, and friends in the process.

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