Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Love Apple Rumors And Will Continue To Read Them But They Owe Readers Explanations For Each Piece Of Info That Did Not Pan Out

Some on Wall Street are afraid that Apple’s iPhone 4S has given a window of opportunity to other mobile platforms.  And they could be right.  But it is also Wall Street who starting on this window of opportunity with their wild predictions that looked like they’re reading the same rumor sites we all are, talks about supply chain checks that never panned out, and information from questionable sources who probably have their own agendas.

Take the WSJ and BGR combo that said the iPhone 5 will be a Sprint exclusive.  Yeah, not only was there no iPhone 5, the only exclusive that remains is the iPhone 3GS that AT&T is selling.

Here’s a list of rumors that Gawker put together of. All are major FAILs.

So far, this morning, few sites if any issued retractions or apologies for disappointing their readers.  After all, a few of them even offered up their information as “exclusives” like Boy Genius Report.  Okay, BGR I get but WSJ, Bloomberg, and NYT?

Journalism is lead.  Long live rumor blogging.

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