Tuesday, October 11, 2011

iMessage: Let's Stop The Carriers' Collective SMS Abuse

iOS 5 is about to come out and there is one particular feature that is going to have a huge impact on the wireless industry. I'm surprised that hardly anyone is talking about it.


iMessage is Apple's own messaging app that really has taken too long to introduce.  And it'll put a severe dent in the carrier's profits.  After all, it costs them next to nothing for an user to send out a single text message.  And yet, they can charge up to two dimes for it.  It just play wrong, wrong, wrong.

It's a clear example of who Congress and the FCC has been looking out for.  

Let's make this hurt for the carriers.  I've already been using Google Voice to do all my texting but I'm going to try to get my friends and family stop using SMS and move over to iMessage when possible and Google Voice when absolutely necessary when the other person isn't on an iPhone or another iOS device.

And don't feel too bad for the carriers.  They've made billions upon billions over the years from us.  They'll be fine.  

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