Friday, October 21, 2011

iOS 5: If Not Siri, Apple Should Give Other iOS Users Dictation

Siri is has the potential to give Apple and edge in the next computing evolution, revolution if done correctly, but Apple has to move quickly.  I mean it has to maintain the lead the the iPhone gave it in 2007 when the rest of the wireless industry was caught flat-footed.

And if what the wireless chiefs at Google and Microsoft said about smartphones not being good digital assistants, I've got a word or two for them:  the mobile revolution we're currently in started with personal digital assistants, you know, PDAs.

But back to voice.  Google has a healthy if not overtly static set of commands.  For the last few years, Apple was way behind in those efforts.  With Siri, Apple has shown just how serious it was about not only voice but creating a working and  helpful assistant that gives mobile warriors a new way to interact with their mobile devices.

Others in the industry will mistaken that with voice commands.  It's evident in the dismissive attitudes that Apple's competitors have demonstrated so far.

And yes, Siri is still in beta but if Apple really want Siri to take off, let the rest of the iOS devices at least gain the ability to speak at their devices - let people dictate messages.  Feel comfortable speak to their iPhones, iPod touches, or iPads and not just at them.

I personally do not see why Siri works only on the iPhone 4S and if its a ploy for Apple to get users to upgrade to it, I accept and respect. But it does need to know that it needs to move quickly and blow everyone else away.

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