Monday, October 17, 2011

Let's See, One Million Plus Something Equals Four Million iPhones

Apple announced that it has sold 4 million iPhones over the weekend, besting the 1.7 million iPhones it sold last year.  I have a couple of comments and questions about that.

First comment.  Wow.  Second comment.  Insanely Great!

Now some questions.  Are all these iPhone 4S or a mix of 3G and 4?  And compared to the iPhone 4 that went on sale last year, we know there are more carriers but how about markets?

From Apple's press release, it appears this 4 million figure is iPhone 4S only.  So, this is huge.  iPhone 4S only figure. I think Apple came out with this figure so early on because it wanted to dispel any notion that the 4S is a disappointment.  And this is precedent for this.

When the 3GS came out, I did not think it was going to sell beyond some minimal growth due to added international carriers. But then, the 3GS did not generate the initial disappointments that bloggers and tech pundits, who had been perpetuating rumors, fabricated.

So, the 4S is definitely a hit.  And 4 million sold, I don't know if this is also a lowered figure from Apple actually moved.  Think about it.  Apple likes to surprise on the upside when it announces earnings.  Personally, I think Apple sold a lot more than the 4 million they reported.

Another question.  Does the 4 million figure include the 1 million pre-orders?  I think it probably does.

From a mobile experience stand point, I think Siri has been the main draw for the 4S more than just the speed factor.  I think people coming over to the 4S and those pre-iPhone 4 upgraders will be very happy with the speed and "just works" iOS.  However, it'll be Siri, which is still in beta, that has caught the imagination of users.

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