Sunday, October 2, 2011

Next iPhone: Lots of Phantom Signals, No Confirmations

iPhone 4S or 5? Does it matter when these items appear in the slots of databases of retailers who might simply trying to be ready for what comes next on Apple's Tuesday fall event that will feature the next iPhone?

Well, it should not because these retailers are likely among the last to know about them, just after carriers and certain bloggers whose sources come close to getting it right.

At this time, I simply dismiss whatever it is that Radio Shack, regional carriers, or anyone else might have leaked screen captures of what are simply place holders for the next iPhone or iPhones.

I don't mind speculations which is just what these guys are playing at and preparing for.

It's likely one blog or two will strike gold and leak some early. Maybe they'll find out of Steve Jobs will make a guest appearance or two. Maybe they'll be able to confirm whether there will be one or two new models of iPhones or even three.

Until then, keep enjoying reading these conjectures and rumors but remember they are what they are. Don't be disappointed if they don't pan out on Tuesday.

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