Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rumormongers Now Chastised Apple for Not Meeting Wall Street Expectations

By all accounts, those that sanity still, Apple had a phenomenal financial quarter. Apple had over $28 billion in revenue, more iPhones sells any Yuriko, 11 million iPads so, handheld rector sale of nearly 4.9 million Macs.

Dad revenue $3 billion more than a $25 billion that Apple had guided analysts last quarter. However, I was not enough for Wall Street analysts. They went crazy and expected more than $29 billion. In fact, Forbes, well look loggers and they expected $33 billion in revenue.

That is to be expected from these people. There's nothing Apple, fans, or anyone else can do. Wall Street analysts have for years, quarter after quarters, fail to really understand what Apple is all about. And now, the same Wall Street analysts have failed again.

But let's move on. Let's move onto the publications who had been trading in rumors as click baits. Publications like the Wall Street Journal, who have continuously used unnamed sources, to help sell newspapers about Apple plans. Seriously can anyone outside of Apple really know what is to come next?

The same publications, the rumormongers, were also disappointed when Apple did not fulfill their rumors. In fact, Apple made them all look foolish. Apple made all these publications look like liars. Apple made all these publications look as if they went and made up stories.

And yell, some of these publications are you trying to get their revenge. Let's take the Wall Street Journal can. Now they are riding fine about how Apple has lost its magic.

Hey, Wall Street Journal. Why do you think Apple fail to meet expectation.? Let's look at the real reason. You spread all these rumors about when Apple was supposed to come out the new iPhone. You, the Wall Street Journal, also told people what the specs are and when the iPhone 5
is supposed to come out.

Of course, we all know by now that there is no iPhone 5. And I know I'm picking on Wall Street Journal but the practically all but a handful of bloggers on Internet have all made this great mistake. They are trafficking rumors, they all printed each other's rumors, and they speculated as if they were facts and when none of these things happen it were collectively disappointed. These same bloggers and publications also speculated when the next iPhone will be released. They range from August all the way through the end of September.

That is a full 6 to 8 weeks a potential buyers who could've bought the iPhone 4 but held off thinking that an update was just around the corner.

So Wall Street, there is your missing 4 million iPhones. Apple could've easily been your expectation but you try to play both side of the story. You spread rumors, stopped iPhone sales on their track, and still expect Apple to perform well.

And you know what? Apple performed well. Apple performed admirably. Record sales. More than $80 billion in the bank.

So, screw you Wall Street! Screw you, DigiTimes! Screw you, Wall Street Journal!

Note: to my readers, you noticed that I had not provided links to any of these publications I mentioned or to any other blogs that had talked about rumors but were disappointed when their rumors did not pan out. There is no point in doing it because they were wrong. If I had done it I would be perpetuating false information.

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