Friday, October 14, 2011

This blog is composed using dictation on iPhone 4S

Hello everyone. This blog is composed using the dictation feature on the iPhone five using iPhone 4S.

As you can see, it is pretty accurate. I try to compose message earlier using the iPhone 4S speaker. It was not as accurate as using the headset.

For those of us who have the iPhone 4S, I think we should all try to use the dictation feature more often. Why's that? The reason is because I think with Siri, Apple is going to Really revolutionize how we interact with computers. Using Siri, it is only the beginning. Using dictation to compose our messages and emails, it is only the beginning.

Obviously Apple has a long way to go before the AI in iOS 5 or future iOS can really become our digital assistant.

Earlier I try to see if Siri can launch applications. It was not able to. However, I know didn't ability for users to launch applications with the mat or on and iOS device is going to be a very important feature and I think it will come rather quickly.

Right now Siri is in beta testing. I am sure by the time Siri gets out of beta there will be a few additional features it can perform.

The most important feature that I like Siri to have is the ability to launch apps. More than that I like the dictation feature to also be built into other applications. I am talking more than just dictations. I want to be able to issue commands in other apps.

Example, after I launched the foursquare app, I like to be able to check in simply by speaking. Or if I am Facebook, I like to be able to say "update status" and then be able to dictate what my status is.

Those are just two examples that I quickly thought of while I was using Siri. I am sure the engineering team at Apple has already thought of these things. And no doubt we will some day get these features.

I am certain that as you use Siri you will think of other examples that Siri can make the mobile experience better.

Note: I have to make some corrections to this post by dictating. I am sure just like Siri, the dictation feature will be improved over time. However it beats having to tap out the whole post.

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