Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Which iPhone 4S Is Best For You?

Let's face it.  The iPhone 3GS is there at "free" because Apple wants to cover all basis from free and up.  It's why the iPhone 4 with 8 GB is at $99 and the iPhone 4S from $199 to $399.  But I'm telling you.  Get the iPhone 4S.  And if there is Sprint in your neighborhood, go with Sprint.

Apparently, this Cult of Mac (who I'm upset with right now because they have been so wrong with the information they've been pushing about the iPhone 5) post thinks you should get a 16 or 32 GB white 4S through Sprint.  I'm gonna leave the color and size up to you.  However, they did make a very good case with iCloud:  cloud storage could alleviate some storage issues.  

So, it has me thinking about whether I need a 32 GB model anymore.  However, I still have to see just how well iCloud services me first.  

See, I don't just take a lot of pics. I also take a lot of videos to the chagrin of my family and friends.  And they're all such pretty people too.  It's a damn shame.  

And with iPhone 4S capable of 1040p video capture versus 720p on the iPhone 4, I think I might need more storage than the 16 GB I've got on my iPhone now.  My hope is that I can find a way to offload some of that to a third party storage of my iCloud storage.  If I can do that, that would go a long long way in help me figure out just how to manage with 16 GB.  

you might think 16 GB is a lot for video.  True.  But as you know, 16 GB on the iPhone is shared with other data like iOS, music, apps, docs, and books.  So, we'll see just how well iCloud works for users who need more than 16 GB. After all, iCloud is suppose to help with the issue of space.

Otherwise, 32 GB iPhone 4S is probably the safest way to go.  

As for the 64 GB model, well, it's probably an overkill for a majority of iPhone users.  And that might be something to consider if you also carry with you a lot of video and games that you get from iTunes.  In that case, 64 GB might not be enough.

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