iPad Selling On The Road, Will Other Tablets Join?

Here is a very pro-iPad GigaOM post but if you step back you can appreciate just how tablets in

general has already changed how mobile warriors, particular mobile sales forces are able to accomplish more.

The instant-on feature, long battery life, wireless connection, and essentially a laptop replacement are features that have the iPad going for it.

On top of that the light-weight of the iPad is definitely a plus. Furthermore, all of what is the iPad allows the worker to accomplish its tasks more efficiently and spend more time away from the office.

Obviously, tablets running on Android, Blackberry OS, or the forthcoming Windows 8 should be able to do the same. The question would be just how efficient they will be compared to the iPad.

Another matter I like to bring up which the post didn't not address is the size of the iPad or other 10" tablets relative to productivity of the sales force.

That is definitely something worth analyzing when smaller tablets go on the road in this capacity.

It'll be interesting to see if Apple is right on its conviction that the 10 in-ish screen is truly optimal for tablet use.

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