Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How We Got To Best Buy Using Pioneers In Their Superbowl Commercial

Here are two posts that I thought would merger well together today.  Actually three.  And it’s about Steve. As in Steve Jobs.  First is one about Best Buy being inspired by Steve and instead of using celebrities, they will use some folks we consider to provide more meaningful services or, what we consider today, builders of some sort.  Second is a post on the eve of Facebook’s IPO where Mark Zuckerberg, who we all know doesn’t give a rat’s ass about his users’ privacy.  Third, is about Steve and his return to Apple.

Put all three together, it’s about coincidences and that not even folks we consider geniuses are always right.  Sometimes, they’re so wrong but circumstances pulled them right back “on track” if you will.  Or put it another way, history will not be denied.

First, Best Buy's Superbowl commercial will be using tech pioneers like Kevin Systrom of Instagram .  This was done from the inspiration of Steve Jobs but I surmise it’s probably the iconic Apple commercial, “Here’s To the Crazy Ones”.  But think about it.  Had Jobs not come back to lead Apple, will this have happened?  Or was history going follow Steve no matter where he goes?

See, I started reading this post about Mark Zuckerberg and his early days of developing Facebook.  Apparently, he wasn’t too keen on keeping Facebook as his main focus.  As luck would have it, events forced him to stay and focus on develop Facebook.  Had he left Facebook early on, perhaps Zuckerberg would have left his mark on something totally different.

The same can be said about Steve Jobs as he resurrected Apple – iMacs, iPods, iPhones, iPads, and, quite possibly, Apple’s push into television.  But if you read through “Steve Jobs” and other information online, Steve was helped along by a series of events that did not necessarily have anything to do with his decision.

For instance, after Steve returned to Apple, he was not keen on selling Powerbooks to enterprise because if the inherent IT bias towards Macs.  And yet, Macbooks are thriving and even threatened to disrupt Wintel machines in businesses more than ever before.

Sure, the dude was a visionary with no one coming in close.  He saw things that no one else did and make it all work out.  Supposedly, had Steve Jobs accepted the CEO position at Google when the founders wanted him, could any of the iOS revolution still have taken place?

How would today’s mobile revolution look like?  I reckon it would still have happened.  Google would still be great but in a vastly different way.  Apple might not be around but with the bulk of us using gOS instead of iOS or Android.

Which comes back to Best Buy’s Superbowl commercial.  Steve could still have made waves in mobile, music, and disrupted all these industries that Apple did.

Think Different might still have happened but it would have just been “different” because genius will not be denied.

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