Saturday, March 3, 2012

Brazilian Manufactured iPhones Now On The Market - How Did that Happen?

News now that iPhones made in Brazil are on the market. With the statements made that jobs like manufacturing consumer electronics not coming back to the US, specifically attributed Steve Jobs to President Obama, we have to wonder how is Brazil about to get Apple and Foxconn to invest in a local manufacturing plant?

Now, let me put this out: can Apple do something like this in Mexico? Or maybe the US? We can forget about blue states like California but how about red states like Texas?

Foxconn likely received a large incentive from the national and local government to do this. At the same time, we have to wonder just how they can achieve the infrastructure to do this.

Labor issues aside, I like to see government officials look into seeing how this was achieved and how feasible is this go duplicated in the US.

My guess is that even with the technology and logistics solved, special interests like labor is going to make things very difficult to convince Apple or others to invest in an infrastructure to build iOS devices here.

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