Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Can a 4” or Greater Display On the iPhone With The Same Resolution Still Be Called Retina Display?

Speculation time on the next “new” iPhone (AKA iPhone 5). Can a 4” or slightly greater display on the 2012 iPhone slated for later this fall still be called a Retina Display if it has the same 960x640 resolution as that of the iPhone 4S?

Sure, but only if you hold it further away from you.  At least that is what Apple told us about the Retina display on new 2012 iPad with its 2048x1536 resolution.  See, the pixel density for the iPad 2’s 9.7” screen is only at 264ppi to the iPhone 4 and 4S’ 326ppi at 3.5”, it’s still considered a Retina Display because a typical iPad user operate the tablet at a distance further away than he or she would with an iPhone.

So, a 4” or slighter larger than 4” display for a potential new iPhone could still be called a Retina Display without increasing the resolution or maintaining the pixel density  if it’s is held sufficiently further way than users would now with the 3.5” Retina Display.  And it could happen because everything on the screen would appear larger.

Of course, I like Apple to find a way to increase the resolution or maintain the 326ppi of the current iPhone 4S display.  Trust me, it’s that good and being able to read without being distracted by pixilated text as on the displays of other mobile devices is nothing short of magical.

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