Friday, March 30, 2012

Credit Cards Exposed; Millions of Numbers Taken By Hackers

Okay, this isn't about wireless, politics, or green tech.  Just a life post but a very important one.

A payment processor called Global Payments has detected a security breach in which 50K credit/debit card numbers were taken (CNET). Both MasterCard and Visa have warned potential customers.  While a serious situation, CNBC and MSNBC seems to think this is more serious than the fifty thousand credit card information taken since they used the word "millions".  

Not sure if it's millions of credit card numbers or millions in value. It's likely these two networks believe the situation to be bigger than what's being reported.  

Isn't it always like that?  Anyway, check your bank and credit card information just in case?  I've had it happen to me before so I'll be calling my credit card and banks after work today.  

Now, if I win the $600+ million in MegaMillion lottery today, I'd be a lot less worried about this breach.  Wish me luck!

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