Friday, March 23, 2012

The Next Industry Apple Should Disrupt Is the Auto Market

I know that the buzz around the Internet is Apple’s own HDTV set.  Honestly, this has been around the corner for a couple of years now, it’s getting old.  The Apple-branded TV isn’t even out and I’m ready to move to what should come next from Cupertino.  And it should be auto industry.

As in iOS-powered vehicles.  I’m not particularly big on the iCar.  Not now.  But someday.  For now, I just like to see what Apple can do with iOS embedded in the dashboards.

Imagine the revenue growth that Apple can get out of this.  While I doubt GM, Ford, Toyota would be willing to share 30% of proceeds with Apple, perhaps the likes of Lexus, BMW, or Mercedes might be willing to deal.  Already, Siri is already coming to the Benz (Mashable).
And in the past, I’ve already said that Siri is a platform, an artificial intelligence with voice input/output, that can catapult Apple into the next realm of mobile computing.

See, there’s a reason why Microsoft is working with Ford and not one of the European luxury brands.  And I doubt Google or Samsung could make Android fit either.  So, it’ll only be Apple.  You don’t think that Mercedes or BMW is trying to be the exclusive Siri provider for their customers?

Just think what the iPhone did for AT&T and you know that automakers will be clamoring to be the first  iOS powered car.

I can totally see Jony Ives and a few hand-picked Apple designers in conjunction with BMW or Mercedes’ German engineers and setting up a secret skunk project in an abandoned warehouse to make a totally revolutionary UI for drivers.  Maybe it’ll be powered by Siri or something more with HUD interface. Or it could be something totally revolutionary.

Regardless, the auto industry is likely to get some attention from Tim Cook and Co. really soon if this has not already happening.  The only question is who will get to work with Apple and just how much Apple will change the auto industry.

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