Saturday, March 10, 2012

Why the New iPad Has No Siri and Why Older iOS Hardware Have No Dictation

I am using DragonDictate on the iPhone right now. That new iPad, introduce on March 7, will have its own needed dictation function. There are a couple issues we want to examine. One is why does the new iPad not have Siri. The other issue is why dictation function not extended to other iPhones and iOS devices.

My iPhone is the CDMA iPhone for Verizon. Using Dragon dictate, it works perfectly well. As a matter of DragonDictate seems to work the same way Siri's dictation works by sending information to Apple's servers to process the voice information. From what I can see, both Siri dictation and Dragon Dictate work in the same manner.

Therefore I cannot understand why the new iPad does not have full Siri, and why older iOS devices like the iPhone 4 cannot have needed dictation.

One possible explanation is that Siri simply is not ready yet. Siri was a beta function when it was first introduced during the iPhone 4S event last October. The status of Siri has not changed. I am sure by now that Apple has enough information to further improve Siri without the addition of new devices like the iPad. The addition of dictation on the iPad could only further improve the functionality of voice recognition.

However, adding Siri to the new iPad at this time will not help increase Siri's intelligence. iPhone users and iPad users may use Siri in different manners. For the most part, Siri is used to request information, which many iPhone users already do. Such improvements will eventually trickle down to the iPad when Apple is ready to put Siri on other iOS devices or even the Mac.

As for why the iPhone 4, the original iPad, and the iPad 2 do not have the ability to dictate is something I do not understand. As I said, DragonDictate works fine on both iPhone 4 and the iPad. The logical side of me believes that Apple simply do not have to capacity at this time. The more cynical part of me believes that Apple simply wants to sell more hardware.

For the moment, I am going to go with the cynical side of me. Consider this. The new iPad has the Retina display, LTE, and faster chip. Got a long enough to get the current tablet buyers to buy a new iPad. And when next year's iPad comes out with Siri, it will spark another wave of upgrades and attract new buyers.

So there you have it. Those are my speculations on Siri and dictation.

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