Saturday, May 5, 2012

How Apple or Google Can Kill Windows 8: Allow Metro-Like UI Apps

RIM has its own arcane UI from eons ago (well, years) and Apple has its Palm-like UI on iOS.  And Google has its desktop like UI.  Now, Microsoft has its Metro UI.  It's nice.  I've played with it and I think there is a case to be made among mobile warriors to check it out.  However, Apple and Google can kill Windows 8 in its track now by allow/encouraging development of UI that looks and works like the Metro.

Other hardware developers like HTC and Samsung have developed their own skins on top of whatever Android version they're running.  Only the iPhone doesn't allow for such a thing because, well, only Apple uses iOS.

But what if Apple and Google allows apps that have UI based on the Metro concept?  Don't say it can't happen.  First, Google allows just about anything to go into Google Play.  And more recently, Apple approved Tapose, an app, from former Courier chief before Microsoft killed it. J Allard funded Tapose and the rest is history (still ongoing as version 2 is in the works).

iPad Screenshot 5iPad Screenshot 3iPad Screenshot 4

And Tapose is almost a self-contained app with muliple mini apps within it (just don't call them widgets or else Apple will reject them).

Today, I came across this app from called Track 8 (iDowloadBlog)

It's pretty close to the Metro-UI.  Not quite but there's promise in what Microsoft did.  Now, supposed someone came up with an app that agregrates social updates from Foursquare, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter as well as e-mails and IM, you've got something sweet happening all without having to abandon the iPhone or Android.  

In fact, I'm certain we'll see more of this because Apple and Google are just not going to be able to hold down Microsoft for too long.  However, just maybe mobile apps Metro UI on rival platforms might be enough to kill it.

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