Mobile: Google+ Could Get Features That Mobile Warriors Will Find Useful (Maybe Save Money Too?)

Source:  The Verge.

Looks like Google is slowly but surely putting more effort into making mobile Google+ apps with more features that are, well, more mobile. Makes sense since Facebook has shown that it simply cannot make money as users stop using desktop versions and, instead, spend more time on mobile.


According to The Verge, there are strings in the codes that references "events" and "local".  Both are welcoming news as far as we're concerned.  I reckon this could be the events feature that Google has featured about in a separate app and local like means check-ins and probably deals.

We won't know for sure but I think Google realizes that it'll be just as hard for it to make money off ads on its mobile apps as it has been for Facebook.  And going local with local commerce where Google can get a bit of each transaction may well be how it can monetize Google+ and other location-based features.

Let's hope we see this sooner rather than later.  I am a sporadic use of Foursquare - only the lack of local savings has kept me from exploring it more.  Maybe Google has found a way for iPhone and Android users to save money and Google has found a way to take advantage of that.


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