Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Speculation: Apple to Operate Own Wireless Service?

Source:  Boy Genius Report.

We know that Apple had contemplated creating its own wireless network through a bunch of WiFi hotspots that obviously did not happen.  Perhaps some day, we might see that happen with White Spaces.  Until then, the best opportunity for Apple to become a wireless provider is as a mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO.  

Billed as an "industry expert",  Whitey Bluestein said Apple has the resource to make this happen.  However, he doesn't say how Apple will go about making this happen, if it's even on Tim Cook's plate at the moment.  He doesn't suggest that Apple will operate as a MVNO either.

As much as I like the speculation, I'm going to call this one now:  not going to happen.  If there is actually rumblings about this, it's more likely Apple-generated to get the carriers to fall back in line regarding any shift in subsidies.  And it would make sense for carriers to give into Apple's subsidy demands and kowtow to Cupertino out west than to have Apple become a potentially scary competitor overnight.

If anyone does make this happen, I would guess it's Google. Regardless of if it's Apple or Google starting their own network, it will likely start off as MVNO and gradually supplemented with White Spaces networks in densely populated cities.

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