Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mobile: Upcoming Apple-Samsung Court Case Will Be Felt Beyond the Mobile Market, Could Have Far Reaching Effects On Other Industries As Well

Big news in the mobile struggle this week between Google and Samsung versus Apple isn’t which company sold what or release new products – although Nexus Q selling out at $300 is awesomely impressive (one has to wonder how many Google actually stocked initially).  It’s what happened in the courts and this could have far reaching ramifications in the next year or two.

First, a judge ordered a really prejudicial jury instruction in an Apple versus Samsung court case going to trial.  It stated that Samsung destroyed some e-mail (evidence) and that the jury has to assume the destruction of this evidence that could have helped Apple prove its case against Samsung. Oh, and Apple is asking for $2.5 billion in damages.  Not a big deal for Samsung's money printing machine but still, it's about pride, you know? (WSJTheDroidGuy)

Second, in a brief filed by Apple, which is very damning, it stated that even Google thought Samsung’s products were too close in resembling Apple products like the iPhone. The thing is that Samsung's counterclaims against Apple kinda don't have relevance in the case.  Essentially, Samsung was saying that if not for its technology, the iPhone would not exist.  The same can be said of anything that Samsung makes too. If not for other tech, it would not be able to make chips, HDTV, frigs, etc.  (CNetAllThingsD)

Obviously, we’ll have to see how it plays out in the courts, not the court of public opinion.  One has to wonder just where this leads.  Already, tech pundits and bloggers that favor one camp or another have jokingly (or not) stated that the design of the Galaxy S III was designed by lawyers.

Obviously, Samsung denied it.  Personally, I was underwhelmed by the design (but I do consider the Galaxy S III is the best mobile device on the market right now, iPhone 4S is dated by now).  As far as design on the Android side, the Galaxy Nexus is second to none.

Having said that, sales of the GS3 hasn’t suffered at all.  The ball really in Apple’s court next.  It’s next iPhone has not blow people away and it has to prove its case convincingly.

No matter who wins or loses, the trial and the eventual verdict will have wide-reaching effects on not just mobile but also other industries where patents and designs play a big part.

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