Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mobile: Square And Starbucks Team Up - Will Benefit Android and iPhone Users And Just Start Mobile Payment In General

Source:  Square.

Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks is going to be working with Square, you know those guys with the mobile payment reader, and even investment some large sum in the company.  Just what they'll be working on together is something that I am not too sure about just yet.

It's not like Starbucks needs Square's credit card reader because Starbucks already have those and even mobile apps for users to charge their drinks on.

However, Jack Dorsey, founder of Square, specifically mentioned that Starbucks will integrate a directory to allow local businesses with Square support to be listed.  Interesting and it remains to be seen just how effective this will be.

In fact, I had always thought of Square a company that builds the credit carder for the iOS devices.  However, I didn't know that they have an app for consumers as well.  Though I've never used it, I suspect it's a lot like Starbucks' own app or even more simple to use.

And judging the all the attention this is getting on Twitter and Google's search, I suspect this is a very big deal - could be the thing that dislodge the conundrum of mobile payment that Google Wallet and other mobile payments have not been able to get users to use.

And what's awesome is that whatever Square and Starbucks are planning, we should see this on most of the major platforms - namely, Android and iPhone.

Also, Starbucks' current payment system will still exist only that Square's own will be added on top of that.  Choices for consumers - what a grand innovative concept (being sarcastic here).

Still how does it work?  Mother Nature Network has a decent write-up.  I'll let you click through to it. What I like most about the Square app is the ability to leave a tip, something that is woefully lacking on Starbucks' own app.  And by using Square's app, you can get rewarded if the businesses you frequent offers them.

Man, I can't wait.

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