Apple And Yahoo Should Grow Partnership

Source:  Wired.

I like this idea a lot:  Apple and Yahoo should definitely hook up.  Maybe not an outright buyout because it simply is not in Apple’s DNA.  It was not in Steve Jobs’ DNA or it is something that Tim Cook and company would go for.

However, Yahoo’s services and global reach is top notch and it has presence in places like China that its competitor Google does not.  And it would definitely bring a new dynamic into the whole mobile war thing.  On top of that, some Yahoo services could be rebranded to serve iCloud in ways that Apple has been unable to do.

Obviously, Siri and voice is the future of search but there are still plenty that Yahoo can offer.  Perhaps, Apple is taking its targeted baby-steps in getting more services from Yahoo.  That’s fine but I definitely hope more is in stored.

Yahoo definitely has a lot of content and can use the prestige of working with Apple to solidify place in mobile and rally its troops.  Keep in mind that Steve Jobs was once at Yahoo to give them a pep talk.


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