Thursday, February 21, 2013

PlayStation 4: Event Was A Disappointment But Potential Is There; Sony Should Have Provided More Details

Source:  EngadgetInsider.

I thoroughly loved the PlayStation 4 demos yesterday.  I eagerly await its arrival in November or just before the Christmas shopping season starts.  But, boy, to say that the whole PS4 unveiling was a sorry affair is an understatement.  There are plenty of questions that Sony needs to answer so my personal judgment, and maybe yours too, should be put on hold.

PlayStation 4

Apparently, others are not so kind.  Such as Goldman Sachs who was not blown away.  I’ve got a few issues but again, I don’t think we should judge until we know more and right now, Sony is holding its cards very, very close to its chest.

So much so, in fact, that the US head of PlayStation sounded weary. And this is the guy who will lead Sony’s PS4 effort in the US!  In fact, he doesn’t know what the specs are but he hopes that it won’t cost $599 like the PS3 did.

Given the specs that Sony has laid out so far, I reckon the cost cannot be more than $250-300 if you grab similar components from online electronic retailers.  Sony should be able to market it at $399 a most.  Maybe even $299.  Sony should forget about trying to make money off the hardware entire like Amazon and Google and go after making money from media and game sales or ads.  After all, isn’t that why Sony seems to be making a big push for indie development?

Heck, there are even signs that Apple is heading in that direction.  Sure, Apple will make wants its pound of flesh from hardware sales but that’s Apple. Sony could have been Apple but that’s another story entirely.

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