Friday, February 22, 2013

Google And Microsoft (Mostly Google) Move Into Hardware Is For Profit - Could Be Bad for Samsung

Source:  Cult of Android.

If you look at the chart below, you'll begin to see why perhaps Google is getting into the hardware business.  So far Google has done a fantastic job on Android but it has seen its subsidiary Motorola stuck in the mud while Samsung, its partner and future rival, reap in all the money and glory.


I still believe Google's move into hardware is more about setting things up for the future, regardless of who makes the hardware (though I'm sure Google prefers we buy theirs) as long as it remains the backbone for our searches, purchases, and apps.

Maybe Microsoft sees the value of hardware sales too but it's most likely interested in making sure it stays relevant in the mobile and post-PC era.

For Android poster-boy, Samsung, the talk about moving over to Tizen in the future, becomes more and more urgent.  The trick is to one day install a non-Android OS on its Galaxy-class hardware and convince people they won't lose a beat when they move away from Android to Tizen or Bada.  It'll be hard but if anyone has shown resiliency and willingness to take risks, it's Samsung.

I think Samsung could take a hit but it won't go away.  How bad will depend on the Tizen game plan and excecution.  For others like HTC, Dell, HP, etc, boy, things don't look too good.  And if you're wondering about Apple, it'll be alright in the short-term.

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