Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Apple Doesn’t Have ID Crisis – Currently Going Through Shift In Identity And That’s Good

Source:  Insider.

We b*#ch and moan about analysts and, yet, websites continue to link to them.  But in this case, I cannot help feel I have to address the idiocy that is currently permeating on Wall Street with regards to Apple.

Apple’s stock aside, it’s kicking butt left and right.  It’s dominating the tablet market in terms of units sold, not shipped like others.  iPhone sales were stunted by the fact that it could not make them fast enough.  The same goes for the iPad mini. 

Changing Identities

As far as Apple’s identity goes, Apple is no longer Steve Jobs’ company and certainly not in the way he ran it.  This is Tim Cook’s company.  What remains is the same innovative energy that existed before and probably with Tim Cook giving people greater freedom to innovate than ever before. 

For those who laments the fact that Tim Cook may not be the product or design guy that Steve Jobs was, That is where Tim Cook is going to get that innovative juice from – from the smart people who works for him.  Like letting Jony Ives off the leash.  Like letting hardware guys go nuts about what the future holds. 

Changes it that is not going to happen overnight.  What products Apple releases this year and next may be more evolutionary but certainly, the same folks who came out with the iTunes, iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks are still there but with greater freedom.  Is it going to be better than what Steve Jobs could have achieved?

We’ll have to see, won’t we?  Mistakes will be made like the recent iMac launch.  Over all, Apple will continue to churn out products that people will be winning to stand in line for to buy and change society.  We’ll get our iPhone or iPod watches.  We’ll get lighter iPads with better battery life.  We’ll get apps on Apple TV as well.

Maybe Siri will become sentient.  I think at this point, that maybe the only thing that satisfies anyone right now.  Or maybe we’ll get smart cars in ways that only Apple will envision. 

Whatever comes next from Apple, It’ll have Tim Cook’s influence, not Steve’s.  And that is a change in identity.

Wall Street Needs To Have Its Head Examined

However, you know who has identity crises?  Wall Street analysts.  The fundamentals for Apple or the mobile market has not changed.  They cannot deal with the reality that Apple is doing very well but not insanely so.  They cannot deal with that fact that while Apple has yet to tap the Indian market and only begin to gain a foothold in China, they want it to happen overnight. 

Apple Doesn’t Play Defense – Plays By Its Own Rules

And as for Apple playing defense?  Since when is a bad thing for one company’s product to usurp another of its own and grow it beyond it’s original size.  That’s what Apple’s iPhone did to the iPod and what the iPad is now doing to the Mac.  The only difference is that Apple’s products is also decimating markets of its competitors.  Ask HP and Dell and the PC market in general how it’s been going?  Ask former number one phone sellers Motorola and Nokia how things are.

Apple has one game:  bring out the best product it can that its people will want to use because that’s what people would want too.  There is no offense or defense at Apple when it comes to bring the best product it can make.  And that is one thing that has not changed at Apple. 

It’s always possible that Apple can falter.  In fact, one day, it will falter or have another company overtake it.  However, given the number of years and the discipline that Steve and Tim had worked together and the discipline that Apple has shown, it’ll be a long time before we really see any kind of crisis at Apple.

Steve Didn't Care About Apple's Stock Price, Nor Does Tim 

As for Apple’s stock, who cares?  Certainly not Tim Cook.  Okay, he might be but only a bit.  Certainly Steve Jobs didn’t care.  But neither Tim or Steve would publicly say that.  Whether it’s at $300, $400, or $1000, Apple will be doing whatever it has to do.  In fact, I think it might be a better idea for Wall Street to keep driving Apple’s stock down further so that Tim Cook can arrange to take Apple private and not have to worry about what Wall Street thinks.


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