Thursday, March 21, 2013

BBC Pulls a CCTV (China State Station) Runs Hit Piece or Sponsored Post Against Apple By Sourcing Samsung's Own Ad Agency

Update:  BBC, how much is your integrity worth?  Hope AV or Samsung pay you enough to stoop this low. Because you'll never get it back.

BBC is another media company that has been hit hard by the changing media landscape.  I'm not leaking to the BBC post but I'll link to MacDailyNews that discovered it.  In its post, it said that apple's brand is less inspring these days.

When the post went online, it cited a report made by a consultant company called Added Value.  Well, what the post failed to mention was that Samsung is AV's client.  Apparently, folks have pointed that out and BBC has noted it.  However, the post remains and continues the biased reporting.

That somehow a survey from AV, again whose client is Samsung, that blasted Apple while lifting its client escaped BBC's editorial process.

This process sounds familiar.  Where have I heard this recently.

Oh, right.  It reminds me of China's CCTV hit piece against Apple that failed miserably when a coordinated Weibo attack was exposed by one of its paid poster.

That's right.  This is going to sound harsh.  BBC's tactics is on the same level of China's state-controlled media.  I guess Apple isn't advertising with BBC enough.

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