Monday, March 4, 2013

Bloomberg on iWatch: Total Cow Waste

Unbelievable Bloomberg iWatch rumors:  Biometric on the iWatch?  Puleaze...

The Loop called it.  I don't know where Bloomberg is being led here.  Yes, it's being led by someone for unknown reasons.  I figure at this point, it's probably Apple PR trying to screw with the market.  I can see competitors now scramble to figure out just what Apple is up to.

At least, the Verge has something more real when it discussed issues with the battery life.

Regardless, the consensus seems to be that Apple will release a new device unlike anything currently in its line-up.  It'll likely go up against a plethora of Android watches as well.  Oh, and don't forget Google's glasses as well.

On Rumors:  It shows just how low journalism has fallen.  It has failed to keep up with changes blogging has done to reporting and now mainstream news sources have become blogs themselves by reporting on unsubstantiated rumors.  Can you imagine if this kind of blogger-type of reporting is translated to news that truly matters and instead of reporting on facts, journalists just go by rumors?

Oh wait...I think it already has been like this for years...never mind.


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