Friday, March 15, 2013

Mobile: Worker Bees May Help Apple Grow In Enterprise

There are many smart folks out there.  Like myself.  Depending on your expertise, you might be smarter and more capable than I am in some areas and others where I can really school you.  This is the same for many office, sales, or the tens, if not, hundreds of millions of workers worldwide whose productivities are augmented by technology.  Here, we’re talking about PCs and smartphones.  And a growing number of workers, or drones as I like to call it, are using tablets.

I’m going to replace the word “worker” with “drone”.  It’s important because not many of us have jobs that allow or require us to go out of the bounds of our job requirement.  We do what we have to and our bosses want us to be able to do it faster and better.  Drones.  And with tablets, particularly the iPads, it’s allowing drones to do just that.

And this is where Apple’s enterprise growth will be helped by the iPad.  See, the iPad is a very capable device now.  It’s no longer for media consumption.  People can be very productive on it.  And not just any tablet.  iPads because of Apple’s insistence on control over the user experience.  Swipe, touch, swipe, touch.  Pinch if the drone needs to perform that function.

Once you give a drone a device, like a laptop with windows 8 or even OS X, it becomes an overkill.  And unless the drone really needs one, the IT department isn’t about to spend more money and support time to do that.

And don’t get me wrong.  I use the iPad as my main mobile computing device now.  My Macbook Air still gets time with me but only with very specific apps and tasks that I can perform more efficiently on a PC.

You simply cannot get that kind of efficiency and ease of use on the iPad over another device on the market.  As far as the standards for ease of use is concerned, Android devices are heads and above that of PCs.  However, because of the various UI that any given manufacturer might put on it or different versions of Android, it’s more difficult for an IT department to want to deal with.  Even now for PCs, it’s Windows 7 or maybe 8. Done  For iPads, it’s iOS 6.  Boom.

And for an increasingly mobile force, tablets are the preferred choice – intuitive ease of use, light weight, and long battery life.  And these are three areas that the iPad excels at.

It’s not to say that there isn’t an place for Android tablets or even Windows 8.  Right now, the safest bet for any company looking to meet the needs of their drones with overcomplicating their workflow while accommodating the new mobile computing dynamics, the iPad is the way to go.

And I’m sure with iOS 7 and beyond, Apple is looking at the needs of corporations and businesses and making sure the iPad meet their requirements.

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