Friday, March 1, 2013

Social: POTUS Likely Lost Space Geek Votes (Not That He Needs Them Anymore)

Source:  Politico.

I have never seen a Star Wars fanboy agree with a Star Trek ensign agree on anything regarding their respective space saga.  Have you?  My guess is you probably never had both in the same room before.

I think it would take Starfleet armada to take on a Death Star but you never want to discount anything when guys like Kirk or Solo gets into the mix.  This is not about SW versus ST.  I know better than to go down that road.

This is about President Barack Obama’s “Jedi mind meld” in his sequester speech.
See, we already know President Obama is a nerd.  He knows his Star Trek and he seems like a dude you can talk to about geeky things.  So how could he have possibly meshed, or messed up, two distinct story tools from two different space operas?

Star Wars have Jedi who uses the Force to do various seemingly magical things like the well known “Jedi mind tricks”.  Then you’ve got the Vulcans in Star Trek who can do “mind melds”.

But you’ve got POTUS putting the two together.  And it’s driving tweets because of it.  Worlds are exploding because of this.

Now, suppose Obama did that on purpose.  It’s an allegory of sort to what’s going on in Washington.  Just like you’ve got fans of two vary different space epics that cannot agree on anything.

Just exactly the our two political parties we’ve got that can’t agree on anything.

You know, if you’ve got a Jedi who can do mind-melds or a Star Fleet officer who can command the Force…wow…

Note:  I wonder how President Obama could have use the current Apple-Google war in his sequester speech.  “iAndroid”?

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