Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sponsored Posts Should Say So Right At The Top (In Titles)

Lately, I've fallen prey to posts from a number of blogs, even major ones you probably frequent, that have interesting posts.  Catchy titles that drew me and others in.  It's only after reading it and clicking through that we realized those aren't real posts.

They're sponsored posts.  I've been approached a number of times to do this.  No way.  Not here.

However, it's a practice I fear will only increase as competition does.  So, I think these blogs should do their readers a service and say right at the very top of the post and mentioned what they're reading are ad posts.

Better yet, add the word "sponsored post" in the title of the post.  Believe me, I might still click through if I really find it interesting and the blog is honest about it upfront and I'm sure others will too.

What we don't like is being duped.

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