Monday, July 22, 2013

iPad Battery Life: Apple Has To Increase It To 15+ Hours Now That Macbook Air Can Do 12 Hours

I totally enjoy the fact that my iPad has long battery life and I appreciate the ability to go through a couple of days or more without worry about having to charge it. Still, one can't get enough of hours as far as battery life goes. My ideal battery life for a mobile device, be it a phone or tablet, is a week.

Obviously, we are years if not a decade away from that realization. For now, I believe Apple has to increase the battery life on the iPad further. For three generations now, the iPad has been stuck at 10 hours. It's time that we see Apple increase that by 50% to 15 hours of battery life. There are a couple of reasons why the 2013 iPads slated to be introduced this fall has to have increased battery life.

One, like I said, it's been three years since the original iPad and we're still at 10 hours. The ability to have a nearly day-long battery for a mobile device has changed how we have become a mobile society. The ubiquity of the iPad cannot be understated. And that's all possible because of the 10 hour battery life.

If the iPad has only 5 to 7 hours, believe me when I said this and I'm sure you'll agree, a lot less folks would be carry it around as a laptop replacement.

Increasing the iPad's battery life now from 10 to 15 hours would elevate the iPad to another whole new level. This feature alone could propel Apple's fastest growing device to another level and further revolutionize how the modern society compute on the go.

The second reason is the new 2013 Macbook Air line and its incredible battery life. In the latest update, Apple has increased the Air's battery life a mind-blowing 12 HOURS for the 13" Air and 9 HOURS for the 11" Air. That is up from 7 hours and 5 hours respectively from the previous versions. Until the introduction of the 2013, the iPad was still the king when it comes to pure battery life. Now, it has been upstaged and given the increasing importance of the iPad for Apple and in the lives of mobile warriors, it's important that Apple remind the market that the iPad is the future of computing by increasing the battery life further (I'm sure Apple will add new features to the next iPad beyond just battery life).

And we do know that at some point, Apple will increase the battery life of the iPad, even the iPhone. But the increase in battery life has to be a bold statement. Increasing the next iPad's battery life from 10 hours to 15 hours would be a very bold statement. increase it from 10 to 12 hours is nice but will not have anywhere near the same impact.

And this is why I'm hoping that while there will be a new iPad mini like design for the regular iPad, Apple's need to make the iPad lighter and thinner won't come at the sacrifice of the ability to increase battery life. I love my iPhone 5 and if there is one major complaint I have with it: Apple made it thinner and lighter but Apple could have added more bulk and weight with a bigger battery.

Put these two reasons together, Apple would have some even better to knock over its competitors. It's hard pressed that Android or Windows RT tablets even have 10 hours of battery life even today. A fifteen hour long iPad would further solidify iPad's place as the most used and recognized device while it continues to decimate the PC market.

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