Friday, August 16, 2013

iPhone 5S/6 with Gold Color and 128 GB Option? Makes More Sense Separately

Source:  Macrumors.

There is chatter that there could be a gold color option in addition to the white and back already on the market for the next iPhone (I'm still out on whether to call it the iPhone 5S or 6).  My reaction?

Meh. Not all that excited about it.

However, the 128 GB option would make sense and be inline with what we believe to the natural progression of the storage upgrade from Apple for the iconic mobile device.  There is already a 128 GB iPad option (that'll be my next iPad storage size when the new one is released this fall).

What I'm worried about is whether Apple will only make it available to the gold option.  There is sketchy details about that.  Frankly, I'm not sure the gold part is even true.  Talk about catering to the one-percenters, you know?

But a 128 GB white iPhone.  Where do I sign?!

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