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Next iPhone 5/6: Do Yourself A Favorite And Go 32 GB - 64 GB Would Be Better (128 GB Would Be The Best)

iPhone 5S or iPhone 6.  No matter what Apple is going to call it, do yourself a favor, pay that extra $100 for the 32 GB version or $200 more for the 64 GB version.  And in the longer term, you'll be glad for it.  There are a few reasons why.

  • iOS is getting bigger and need more space.
  • Apps are more sophisticated and better.  That also means taking up more storage.
  • With the original iPhone, it came on two versions: 4 GB and 8 GB.  Most people opted for the 8 GB version and the next iPhone with 16 GB will fee like the 2007 4 GB iPhone.
  • Camera and video quality are getting better.  More pixels also means bigger picture sizes.  Same goes for videos too.
  • The iPhone ain't a toy no more.  It's a part of us.  Evolution but not in the biological sense.  You'll put more apps, including games, to augment and make your life better and more connected.
  • We watch more videos and consume more information.  Books and magazines. All that takes space.  More than ever before.  A lot of Apple mobile warriors are using their iPhones and iPads to serve as their entertainment center.  And it's not only in the living room.
  • Music - Ain't gonna be an iPhone today without the iPod.  Seven out of ten of us sported one.  Apple had always controlled 70% of the MP3 player.  Music on the go will always be with us and will become more so.  Again, the iPhone is the next step in evolution in some ways.
  • This is the biggest reason why you should go with a 32 GB iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 but I'm gonna make you scroll all the way down to find out.
iOS 7

iOS 7 is a big jump from iOS 6.  No iPhone OS has had such an impact how much the mobile market since iOS gained an app store.  Before that, there was no need for too much storage because people couldn't store apps.  More than that, iOS 7 is packed with a beautiful redesign and tons of new features.  There could be a couple of more features we're not aware of yet.  Better OS probably means bigger OS too.


iOS users love their apps. I know I love mine.  I've got hundreds.  But forget the ones that I don't use and forget that I'm a packrat for apps, the ones that I will use are getting better and better.  Like the argument above about iOS 7 being better but that it probably also means it'll take a larger footprint on your iPhone's storage, iOS 7 apps will probably do the same as well.  And who knows what other innovative features developers have access to or will create themselves.  It's always after to have more room than not.

Camera, Pictures, Videos

Each successive generation of iPhones will have better and better cameras.  Cameras that can take picture with more pixels.  We may one day be able to shoot 4K videos as well.  That means pictures and videos will get bigger because of more megapixels.  You'll need more room than ever to store all that (until you can offload them when you get home or back to the office).  

iPhone with 16 GB Is like 2007 iPhone with 4GB

Most of you probably are new to the iPhone scene only in the last few years and maybe not be aware of the fact that Apple released a 4 GB version of the original iPhone.  Well, folks, today's 16 GB iPhone or the ones that Apple will introduce on September 10th, is like that.  Low end in terms of storage which means you cannot hold as much data.  Forge that low-end version.  A few gig of apps, pics, and videos, an your system will warn you soon enough that you don't have anymore space.

More video, books, music etc.

iTunes is a big seller for Apple.  More and more, Apple is saying how iTunes is a big part of Apple's mobile and iOS ecosystem because of how much growth and money it's bringing in. We're buy more videos, books, and music.  

And yes, Apple will have iTunes Radio but if you're like me, you like to own your more favorite music, TV shows, and movies.  And if you wanna carry them around, you'll need the room for them.

Right now, I've got 6 gig of music, 3 gig of video, about a gig of pics, and, depends on the week, 3-4 gig of podcasts.  

Oh, right.  Podcasts is playing a bigger and bigger part of our media consumption.  And they're also better in terms of production and video quality.  It used to be that we only listen to podcasts.  Now, we also watch more of them.  Why?  Because they're like on demand radio and shows.  And best of all, they're still free.

Human Evolution

Huh?  You're wonder what the iPhone has to do with evolution.  Well, considering that you've got your iPhone or another smartphone with you all the time, it's like an extension of our physical selves.  If we could grown an iPhone attached to our body, given enough time (millions of years), it could happen or we'll be attaching such devices to our bodies.  

Well, carrying around our mobile devices like sort of like that.  And that's because we have become more and more reliant upon it.  Good or bad, that's true.

And since we're going to be using it to better our lives, work, and maybe even social standing, you want to maximize the mobile experience.

Storage, storage, storage.  We're blogging, updating social networks, taking pics and videos, checking in, etc.  


I'm saving my best argument for last.  When you put all what arguments I've made able on why you should avoid the 16 GB version of the iPhone 5S or 6, the best reason you should get at least a 32 GB version if not the 64 GB is because you'd be future proofing against the mobile revolution that is currently taking place.

You don't want to miss out.  

Furthermore, assuming that Apple keeps the next iPhone prices the same as it is today, because you are spending $100 or $200 more, you may also be less inclined to upgrade yearly or feel like you're being left out with each annual release.  I know I probably would especially if I'm paying $849 for the 64 GB. 

I would tend to want to make that last longer before I reach into my very shallow pocket to get one 12 months after Apple releases the 2013 iPhone.  

The psychology and math goes together.  Pay $649 for a 16 GB iPhone this year and be tempted to spend another $649 next year because of a few new features.  Or pay $849 now, and go "wow, I've already spent a lot on this iPhone.  Maybe I can wait another cycle before I upgrade it.  And plus, it has 64 GB. I think I can wait for the 2015 version".

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