Monday, August 19, 2013

Security Or Convenience: Saving Docs To Your Mac Instead Of The Cloud

I'm not entirely 100% up and up on how I feel about saving my data in the cloud with Apple, Google, or anyone else.  Least of all Google since we all know they look through them, not for any real malicious reasons, to sell ads to us.

But the main reason is that we know they're sharing our data with the US government and, probably, others as well.  And you can forget about Facebook.  They're probably the worst in my opinion.

Which is why I think there is room for the need to save data to the Mac and on the Mac, which is better for some who are more concerned with privacy than convenience.

Macworld here has a tip on just how to do that.  However, it's not something that we are used to with Windows or the older OS X system which allows us greater choices and freedom.  For the average Mac warrior, Apple's emphasis on iCloud isn't going to be an issue.

As time rolls on, iCloud will only get more robust and features, both good things.  For those of us older folks who are used to saving them where we like, less so with each update.  Again, not a bad thing.

It's all about convenience and, for some, privacy.  I think in general it's alright to save to the cloud.

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