Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Apple's China Only Event On 9/11: This Points To Something Major In iOS 7

This is just speculation on my part and nothing more.  I just need to mention that before things get out of control.

Now, Apple will be holding a press event to introduce the next iPhone and whatever goodies it has in store for us.  However, hours later, that day or the next, Apple is due to host a separate event on the other side of the planet, on the continent of Asia, specifically, in China.

It's like that Apple wants to let the Chinese feel that they are very important to the company that designs its products in California (doesn't say the USA) but was manufactured in China locally.  A few things could also happen. Again, just speculation on my part but nothing so far out in left field.

  • A new deal with China Mobile for the less expensive but still top of the line iPhone 5C.  Of course, the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 should still make a grand debut as well.  However, by then, we will have known what we're getting in terms of hardware.
  • iTunes deal with Chinese content for the locals.  At a later date, it could include Apple TV.  There are a plethora of local apps like PPTV and Youku that have been very popular among Chinese iOS users and Apple could conceivable make a deal with app developers for this reason.
  • iOS 7 should be the main attraction for the local press.  Perhaps Chinese specific features that will not be found anywhere.  For instance, Apple in the last OS X and iOS integrated local social media connectivity like its local Twitter-like app, Weibo, and we could see additional and more robust integration.  Maybe, even a version of Siri that caters specifically to the Chinese more on par with English versions.
Why is Apple doing this just for the Chinese?  Two reasons.  They want to feel like they're being treated well by a foreign company.  For that matter, respect from anyone is appreciated.  Face, respect, ego.  All that.  

Second, it's a big market for Apple.  It's where the future growth is going to come from for a lot of multi-nationals.  And by Apple doing an event there just for the Chinese, it shows everyone that they're serious about OS X and iOS future there.

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