Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dyson Sues Samsung For Stealing Its Vacuum Design - Might Get Worse

Source:  The Verge.

Okay, Apple accusing and suing Samsung over design patents and UI implementations could be construed as anti-competitive and abuse of the patent system by some.  Personally, I think companies should steer clear of each other and do their own innovations, no matter what, and there won't be all this court action where lawyers get fat and rich.

Image containing US specific Dyson vacuum cleaners

So, while the mobile war could be counted as an isolated incident in and of itself if not for this.  Dyson, famed vacuum maker, has now sued Samsung for the same thing that Apple has sued Samsung for.  Dyson is now suing Samsung for a vacuum-steering system patent that the Korean giant just lifted and put into its own system.

This won't be Dyson's first dance with Samsung either.  It won a case against Sammie.

While this may not be mobile related, it may speak to an inherent behavior of Samsung.  And with wearable gears just beginning to permeate in the minds of mobile warriors, I don't see patent entanglement between mobile giants and other tech companies coming to an end.

At the same time, you can believe some companies in other industries are looking at their patents and maybe see if Samsung or someone else could be violating their innovations.

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