Sunday, September 15, 2013

Still Undecided About iPhone Event, Post-Jobs Apple

I'm willing to give Tim Cook the benefit of the doubt. It's why I am undecided about last week's iPhone 5s and 5c event. And as far as I'm concerned, I'm still iffy on the Cook era so far in areas of innovation, Apple's influence on mobile, and Apple's role as a technology leader.

Here is the thing. We elect president to a four-year term in the United States. Through all the crap that cable TV says about this and that, the American electorate doesn't make its final judgment until the whole term had nearly been served. And Cook is still early in his term.

So, I'm still digesting the 9-10 iPhone event. It was rather boring. Nothing that left us on the edge of out seats as we sat at our desks reading the live blogs. Even so, there is much to look forward to.

If not for leaks, Touch ID, new colors, iOS 7, and even the 64-bit A7 with the M7 coprocessor would have brought some excitement to Appledom. And let's not forget there at iOS features, less well known ones like iBeacon that could be sleeper.

Also, the idea of Touch ID being used for more than unlocking your phone and uses beyond iTunes purchases and extended to general purchases is something that will excite all mobile warriors, even the Wall Street types as will.

There could be things Apple is working on that won't immediately get on translate to more revenue or instant "wow" factor. Apple doesn't also do technologies for tech sake.

I'm okay with the Cook administration for now because the building blocks for a bright mobile future, Apple's vision of it, should be pretty bright.

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