Monday, September 23, 2013

Surface 2 Is Out. Great For Microsoft. But Tablets To Clobber PCs In 4Th Quarter. Bad For Microsoft.

As you know by now, Microsoft has just released its new Surface 2 tablets, RT and Pro, looking to try to gain a foothold in the surging tablet market.  Based on specs alone, the Pro model has a better shot but folks can still buy cheaper Windows 8 laptops if they want a keyboard.  RT is better and could help Microsoft convince Redmond fans this is the Surface worth buying.

Both are good for Microsoft. 

What's not good is my prediction:  iPads and Android tablets will dominate the Holidays/Christmas sales and really show the tech industry what the post-PC era looks like.  And that is not going to be good for Microsoft.  It'll be very bad for Microsoft.

While I have said before that there doesn't appear to be much new innovative features that Apple or Google could bring to their tablets, iPad and Nexus, (or even Samsung), they will continue to improve on previous models with new OS and add features that will further enhance tablet productivity and close any gap between tablets and laptops running Windows.

So, while I don't see tablet makers going for a fast merciful kill, the PC makers,starting this year, will experience a new, slow, and ever more painful reality that their best days are over.  And Microsoft will face an accelerated decline of the  Windows brand and sales. 

And in his waning days as CEO of Microsoft, Steve Balmer will be there just long enough to see just how badly a shape he left his company.

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