Friday, February 28, 2014

No New Apple TV Model Coming Despite Today's $25 iTunes Giftcard Deal With Current Model Apple TV Purchase?

I got all excited this morning when I saw in my RSS reader that Apple was giving everyone who buys a current model Apple TV, which was introduced almost two years ago, an iTunes credit of $25.  At the time, the first thought jumped into mind:  Apple is looking to clear out inventory so they can make way to release a newer model with more bells and whistles.

Well, it appears that is not the case.  With his famous one word "nope"  Jim Dalrymple of The Loop Insight dispelled that line of wishful thinking.  I mean "c'mon!", right?

Well, the dude has not been wrong as far as I know.  And while I'm not sure if he calls into Apple or someone from Apple calls him about it, Mr. Dalrymple seems pretty tied into some of what's going on in Cupertino.  

However, can you blame a guy for thinking this?  It's not unheard of for companies to discount products or to add incentives to move sales to make way for an upgrade product.  

Essentially, you're getting the Apple TV for $75 and you've got $25 spend on iTunes.  One other likely scenario here is that Apple is feeling some competitive pressure from Google's $35 Chromecast which probably is selling well and gaining new features and apps by the week.  

Regardless, it's an awesome if you don't already have one.  

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