Tuesday, March 11, 2014

SDK and iOS betas Will Clue Us In On Bigger iPhones and iPad Features

In the past, future updates from Apple has always helped provide clues on what will be coming as far as new features for iOS and newer hardware as well.  This time around, 2014 updates for iPhones and iPads could also be hidden in future iOS updates as well.  This will be particular true for beta versions of iOS 8 that will presumably be released and be made available to developers at this year's Apple Worldwide Developer Conference.  And as someone who could never wait, I've been signing up as a developer (you have to be a paying developer) to get my hands on these early releases. 

This year, we'll be watching out for information that might provide us to what possible screen resolutions Apple could be working on and wanting developers to focus on.  An increase in resolution would always be a tell-tale sign that Apple has a bigger screen iPhone on the works for release later this fall.  It will not clue us in on the size.  Apple is very unlikely to just leave that out there.

On top of that, we'll have to see what the SDK for the iPad will provide.  There has been talk about a bigger screen iPad, one possibly as big as 13".  Yeah, I'll want one of course.  But would good is a bigger screen if it does not offer specific features for it, like the ability to display more than one apps at the same time.  I would not mind watching Netflix on one portion of the screen while working or gaming on the rest of the real estate.

Of course, folks, I have to warn you.  Be mindful of what is fact and rumor as we approach WWDC and through summer and fall before Apple actually release new iOS devices.  In between, wild rumors and speculations (you'll get plenty of speculations here, but no rumors) and it could confuse things somewhat.  One thing is for sure.  Apple will not be release new iPads or iPhones until fall.  So any talk that Apple could be working to move up from its annual iPhone and iPad release would be false. 

So, if you're the industrious sort, feel free to sign up for Apple's developer program and take a peak into the future iOS betas.  Maybe you'll be the one to find the little breadcrumbs that Apple leaves behind.

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