Thursday, April 3, 2014

New iOS Features, Like AirDrop, Could Affect Your iPhone's Battery Life

Here is an excellent post from Buzzfeed about iPhone battery life - why it's shorter than you expect and what you should do about it.  For the most part, it's about turning off features you don't need.  It's that simple.  There, i just switched on airplane mode but enabled my WIFI. 

From time to time, we get these posts and they're most rehashing of things we already know about with our mobile devices, specifically here, the iPhone.  However, from time to time, Apple also release not only new hardware but also new features with each annual iOS upgrade. 

Case in point here is Airdrop.  It's a pretty neat feature especially if you've got a lot of folks around you with the newer iPhones like the 5S and you happen to share a lot of files with them.  Otherwise, if you're like me, who either doesn't share much or doesn't have a lot of folks around me with the newest and baddest from Apple, you can turn that feature off. 

And then there's the last reason why your iPhone battery life doesn't last as long as you want it to.  It's because you keep using it.  Let it chill in your pocket, purse, or wherever so you're not constantly updating your Twitter or Facebook feed and actually look up from the people across the table who you're having dinner with and talk to them directly.

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