Friday, May 9, 2014

Apple's New Camera Hire: You Get 8MP So Make Every Pixel Count

I'm always been a bit jealous of the camera capability of the high-end Lumia devices running Windows Phone from Nokia.  I want those features.  I mean the camera on the 1020 is just crazy.  Sure, the iPhone 5S camera rocks but there are still new tricks the next iPhone can pick up.

It's why Apple hired away from Nokia its top camera expert, Ari Partinen.  With Nokia having sold its mobile division to Microsoft, it was a perfect tiemf or Mr. Partinen to move to sunny California.  And he's exactly the type of new blood that Apple can use. 

Imagine what he can bring.  Just looking at Nokia's Lumia 1020 page, I want it all.  Lossless zoom.  Better pics in poorly lit environments.  Better flash.  Truer colors. 

Of course, he'll have to really be creative and innovate in ways that he was not familiar with or expected to at Nokia.  There is the design element that the new Apple hire will have to deal with.  He won't have the option of making the camera stick out the way they are on the Lumia devices. 

Plus, he won't have 40MP to work with.  In fact, he'll have a lot less to work with, along the line of 8MP or maybe just a tad more.  So, he'll have to find ways to improve the iPhone's camera abilities and bring new features beyond megapixels.

So, dude, make every pixel count!

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