Friday, October 17, 2014

Key Products Missing From Apple's Media Event Today

There is a lot to talk about today after Apple unveiled new iPads, Mac mini, and a Retina Display iMac. Oh, Apple also updated the OS for the Mac and Apple Pay which will be available on Monday.

We'll get more into that later. What's missing from the Apple event is just as important and worthy bringing up in a post or two.

First, Apple said nothing about the iPod line. Not a word about the iPod touch which had not been upgraded near the end of 2012 with a minor update in June this year.

I'm assuming that means we can forget about the rest of the iPod line as well.

The other thing missing is Apple TV. There had been a lot of chatter that is indirectly related to Apple TV. The most recent is the news that Time Warner will be offering HBO as a standalone service at the start of 2015. That was quickly followed by CBS offering a $7 service that is immediately available (though I think it's pretty lame).

Lastly, where was health and home related updates and accessories? The omission of these two big iOS initiatives are not particularly episode butt it does suggest that Apple will be taking things slower. Think of this as two "hobbies" that are going to take time to mature.

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